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Frank Natale (builder)

• Music lover. Singer songwriter. Live sound engineer. 

• Grew up in the woods of northern New Jersey where riding dirt bikes and camping were a way of life. 


• Loves getting his hands dirty whether it’s carpentry, cars, or helping a friend with projects of their own. 

• New York Giants • New York Yankees • Boston Bruins 


Mark Masefield Mazzella (imagineer)
• Full time touring/recording musician; Has been touring the United States and Europe as a keyboard player since 2008. Currently touring with Dave Hause. 

• Grew up cruising in mom's 96 Primetime Ram van for travel ice hockey, lacrosse, baseball, boy scouts, band practices, etc.


• Owned a '94 Ram van, '96 Chevy Conversion, '03 Chevy Blue Bird bus, and a '16 Ford Transit, crossing the country countless times for both vacation and touring work.

• Has his '94 Ram van from high school tattooed on his arm

Screen Shot 2022-07-11 at 8.32.15 AM.png
Rochdale College Class of ‘72

Dolores Dios (understands how business actually works)

Serial entrepreneur who used to rehab and flip houses

Danced on the roof of Furthur at Woodstock '69

Now into a collaborative partnership offering a distinctive          nomadic lifestyle 

Logged many miles from Rochdale College (Toronto) to Rochdale Farm (Ottawa Valley) onboard communal Boogie Bus


Katie Mazzella (keeps it all together)

Master of DIY projects as varied as crochet sweaters, refinished dressers, t-shirt quilts, and piano bars


Master of Urban Planning

Works in Farmland Preservation with NJ's Department of Agriculture

Favorite vacations are road trips across the country in our Jeep (configured into a camper) from NJ > NM, and back up to TN, and again in a rented budget camper van across parks in UT and NV.


Megan Garrett (seamstress)

• Loves to create with fabric as a seamstress and costumer

• Has been designing costumes for various theater productions since 2012


• Currently working with Playtime Costumes, and as a freelance seamstress


 Wants to outfit a cat friendly van so she can take her precious  Mango to see the country

Natalie Newbold (graphic artist and stripe designer)

Fronts the Asbury Park based band Well Wisher, and plays bass touring with The Frontbottoms

Provides graphic designs for various bands and local businesses

Has toured the country with multiple bands many times over in vans, buses, and a box truck converted to a touring vehicle

Has her current van tattooed on her leg

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